« I fell in love with this world of fabrics and experiments »
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Two year ago, I met Yann who works in an avant-garde fashion store in Lyon called Essapmi & now working for Sandrine Philippe in Paris. 
He brought me a lot in my vision of fashion & the way I like clothes & fabrics. 
Now, I buy less, I opt for quality, I choose wisely.
So I decided to take pictures of him & ask him few questions.

When did you start to be interested in avant-garde fashion?

« I started to be interested in fashion when I was in high school. As time went on, I became more & more interested in high end fashion until I came across Rick Owens. Then I continued to look for refined pieces, full of stories, while traveling between London & Seoul, I ended up discovering the Artisanal side of avant-garde, with Ziggy Chen, Jan-Jan Van Essche or Boris Bidjan. I fell in love with this new world of fabrics & experiments. »

Why did you choose avant-garde fashion?

« I chose avant-garde fashion because I always feel this desire for comfort & sharp aesthetics that I can find & feel through different clothes from designers. Most of the pieces I wear are handmade & have a story that I am particularly drawn to, whether it's Ziggy Chen or Carol Christian Poell, I always have this infatuation with storytelling & discovering something new when I try on new pieces. »

Tell me about the love you have for clothes, fabrics, & how did this interest grew up inside you?

« I mainly wear handcrafted clothes with innovative & experimental processes, noble & comfortable materials. I like the comfort of loose fitting pieces, freedom of movement is important to me, like does Yohji Yamamoto or Jan-Jan. On the other hand, I will sometimes wear clothes that reduce movement & force a new way of wearing the garment, like CCP or Boris Bidjan for example. »

Your favorite designer? Why?

« Ziggy Chen, he fascinates me with his clothes as much as his vision that he interprets through his creations. Each piece he creates contains a fragment of his memories & inspiration. There is a lot of history in his work. The comfort of Ziggy Chen's clothes is unmatched, I can wear them for a long day at work, in the mountains or to stay at home. »

Yongqi documented by Teo Josserand
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