What is the actual sphere surrounding the brand SP?

Sensibility, we’re really interested in the “unsecure” feeling surrounding humans. We strive to give emotion, strength and poesie through our collection. Actually I want to transform fear into real strength. The emotions that this or this piece will tell you “accept your vulnerability, be yourself, sensibility is a strong force within us”. I think that the ability to feel a connection with yourself and the garments is an unbelievable gift…we try to give that feeling to people as well.
For how long have you been designing garments until now?

I’ve been designing for over 20 years now. Even after that, I’m still like a child who’s discovering the infinite possibilities of creations. 
What are your main inspirations & what kind of art, outside of the fashion world, inspires you for the process of designing your collections?

First of all, the human being itself, which comes with its contradictions, poetry, sensibility, strength and emotions of course. There’s also the body that I found peculiarly interesting when it comes to the movement. I found it really inspiring since the body and movements combined together can create such emotions and attitude, from dancers as example. 
Secondly books are an enormous part of my life and inspirations, I read every day, my favorite writers are Gerard de Nerval, Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare and many others! Obviously there are paintings, sculptures, and installations. To sum up, I have always been inspired by nature and animals which are always part of my collections. I found the relationship between human and nature intriguing. We can take the attitude we need from them. At the end of the day, we are no more than indescribable intelligent animal, but an “urban” one, we need to stay humble.

What do you think of the actual worldwide Fashion scene?

Too much fame and mainstream, I don’t see enough Soul.
Pieces of the AW23-24 collection
Why are your collections mainly made of black?

It has been like evidence for me, since my childhood I have always been fond of black. I feel naturally secure through black, does it take an important emotional place throughout my life. Actually I will always have this peculiar memory from my childhood. I was with my parents walking along Brittany beach. That day was especially dark because a few days ago a wide industrial cruising ship crashed in the sea and did let tons of petrol fall in the sea…killing thousands of different species living in the ocean and the air as well. There were these hundreds of birds stuck in the sand with their wings and breathing totally destroyed by the petrol of the ship. I have always kept that scenery in a side of my memories. 
It has been decades until now that you are a fashion designer, do you feel like you can still reinvent shapes and silhouettes?

As long as I can still feel the emotion, poetry and curiosity through my works, I think I will never stop reinventing our silhouettes and shapes.
Define Sandrine Philippe in two words?

This one is hard to define hahaha…I would say violence and poetry!
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